Star Wars Quiet Book

My latest obsession is quiet books! I'm looking at them thinking how great they are because it will help my son develop motor skills and keep him away from electronics. Electronics aren't currently an issue but I'd like to stay on top of that.

Of course I have to stay true to form and my first book is Star Wars themed! I found a bunch of pages through Pinterest or Etsy that I thought looked great or were a good idea, from there I ran with it and translated it into Star Wars characters. I haven't finished them yet but here is a little sneak peak at some pages that are pretty much done. It took quite a bit of planning and trial/error to figure out the layers of felt and how to piece things together. It was a challenge to take on this project with no prior knowledge or template of quiet books but I'm happy with the results!

Chewbacca taggie

Han Solo zipper vest - complete with chest hair!

Yoda belt tying

Luke Skywalker flight suit buckling

Princess Leia removable hair buns

I have more pages planned out and just need to find the time to work on some more. My goal is to get these ones grommeted so I can put them together for my son to start playing with. He's only one right now but I'm looking forward to creating more if he likes them!

More to come!

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