lawn fawn catalog challenge - Spring Chicken Card

Lawn fawn is doing their annual contest for paper crafts made with their stamps. The contest ends tomorrow December 9th so I'm cutting it close. I might cut it closer tomorrow with another card...
Here is the image of my flip card!


Happy Birthday Card - Yeti

I participate in a card exchange with a group of women from central Minnesota. We had 17 ladies participating this year. We do 4 exchanges a year and here is the card that I made for the fall/winter card exchange. I LOVE winter so it's the perfect exchange to make a winter themed card!

For this card I used:
Assorted paper with matching ink or patterned paper
yeti, set, go
Lawn Fawn Yeti, set, go  
jessie’s ABCs
Lawn Fawn Jessie's ABCs (to spell out "Stay Cool"

 Chevron LinesPaper Source Chevron Lines Rubber Stamp
Happy Birthday Stamp 
Marvy Uchida Standard Craft Punch - 1/2" Snowflake

Uchida Clever Lever Giga Craft Punches - 3" Snowflake 


Viking Weave Bracelet - Class

Tonight, I went to a Community Ed class and learned how to viking weave a bracelet!
I was given a homemade kit, demonstrations, and some take home instructions. It took me about an hour and a half to create my beautiful bracelet. 
I will create a tutorial post the next time I make one of these bad boys, which should be soon with the holidays coming!


Warm Up America - Follow Up

Today, I went to Michael's and crocheted a couple rectangles to donate with my sister - in - law. She got a free lesson on how to create one of these. I learned a bit about how Michael's does this charity.  It turns out you can make rectangles all year and drop them off. The event teacher told us they usually deliver the donation in December and then again after the New Year. This is the perfect charity for all those leftover skeins! I'll definitely be making these throughout the year.


Pacman Drilled Jack-O-Lantern

On Halloween I got the jack-o-lantern bug and wanted to try making my own drilled pumpkin. I only saw pictures and from my experience here's what I learned...

Supplies Needed:
7/32" Inch Drill Bit
1/2" Inch Drill Bit
Washable Marker

My first pumpkin was Mrs. Pacman. You gut the pumpkin like normal, cutting the top and removing the guts. To make the circle I used a cereal bowl and traced it with a washable marker so once I finished the drilling it would wipe clean. I used a 3/16" sized drill bit. I think that ended up being too small so the light couldn't shine through it as easily. For the eyes I used a 1/2" drill bit.

The second pumpkin was Pacman and I used a 7/32" sized drill bit instead and it turned out brighter. I didn't want to make the holes too big.
The third pumpkin was a ghost and my husband drilled it. He really liked making it. It was fast, not too messy, and fun using power tools! I traced half of the same bowl for Mr. & Mrs. but only traced half and then free handed the bottom of it.

Here is the finished products! (You can  see I'm being watched while I'm taking the picture. That's my fur aby, Laya, rocking her orange "Bad to the Bone" shirt for Halloween.)

Thanks for doin' it with me ~ Jamie


Felt & Yarn Wreaths

Over the first weekend of deer hunting a few of us ladies worked on a little wreath project. I had gathered some inspiration off of my pinterest board for us to use to create these yarn wrapped wreaths with felt embellishments.

The supplies needed for this project include:
Hot glue gun & sticks
12" Green Styrofoam Wreath
1 Skein of Yarn
Assorted Felt Sheets

First, we hot glued the end of the yarn to the wreath and made a nice base layer all the way around. Feel free to secure the yarn as you go but we only did it at the half way point and once we completed the first layer. The second layer we went wild! We just added some bulk to it by wrapping the yarn thicker all the way around and glued it once we reached the beginning.

Once the wreaths were wrapped we made our embellishments. Some of them we filled with old buttons my aunt had laying around the house.

Tack your embellishments on with some more hot glue and you end up some new decor!

Below are the ones we made:
Aunt Julie's 

Cousin-in-law Tracy's

and mine!

This was an easy project for us to work on in-between the hustle and bustle of deer camp. These babies ended up costing us about $10 each! I think they all turned out super cute and we had a great time putting our heads together to come up with different styles of "flowers". 
Thanks for doin' it with me!

Warm Up America - Michaels Event Nov 16th

To all needle-workers and those inspiring to be:

My sister-in-law told me about this. Michaels is hosting an event where all you have to do is make rectangles (knit or crochet) and they go towards creating blankets for those in need. Michaels will be teaching newbies how to make rectangles at some locations or you can drop off any rectangles you've completed. What an easy and helpful project! Go to the Michaels site for more details and to find a store near you. 

With the weather getting colder it makes me want to warm up my hooks and there's no better reason than for a good cause. This will be my first year participating and you should do it with me!



I've been thinking about taking my crafting to the next level for a little while and decided to join blogspot in order to post comments on other blogs. Well, I didn't know what I was getting into and before I knew it I've started a blog! I plan to post my projects from a bunch of different hobbies I have including: card making, crochet, jewelry making, photography, refurbishing and re-purposing. There should be something for everyone cause I love doing it all!