Pacman Drilled Jack-O-Lantern

On Halloween I got the jack-o-lantern bug and wanted to try making my own drilled pumpkin. I only saw pictures and from my experience here's what I learned...

Supplies Needed:
7/32" Inch Drill Bit
1/2" Inch Drill Bit
Washable Marker

My first pumpkin was Mrs. Pacman. You gut the pumpkin like normal, cutting the top and removing the guts. To make the circle I used a cereal bowl and traced it with a washable marker so once I finished the drilling it would wipe clean. I used a 3/16" sized drill bit. I think that ended up being too small so the light couldn't shine through it as easily. For the eyes I used a 1/2" drill bit.

The second pumpkin was Pacman and I used a 7/32" sized drill bit instead and it turned out brighter. I didn't want to make the holes too big.
The third pumpkin was a ghost and my husband drilled it. He really liked making it. It was fast, not too messy, and fun using power tools! I traced half of the same bowl for Mr. & Mrs. but only traced half and then free handed the bottom of it.

Here is the finished products! (You can  see I'm being watched while I'm taking the picture. That's my fur aby, Laya, rocking her orange "Bad to the Bone" shirt for Halloween.)

Thanks for doin' it with me ~ Jamie

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