David of the Gnomes Halloween

I love dressing up for Halloween and my husband always grew a beard for deer hunting, until we struck a compromise. Now, every other year I have the challenge of coming up with costumes that work with a beard. I started searching online and Pinterest for bearded characters and stumbled upon David the Gnome!

I loved this show when I was in kindergarten :) I set to work planning out the important elements/how I was going to make them for the costumes and searching for the perfect shade of blues for each part.

I created the hats out of tag board and added a stretchy chin strap. I used a circle punch on a stickie note and used make up to create little cheek spots. I made the belt pouch out of felt. I made a simple beard out of chunky yarn. Otherwise, David's outfit was a purchased sweater and khaki pants. I picked up a skirt pattern for JoAnn's and I sewed the skirt (first time ever sewing with a pattern and it didn't turn out perfect but it worked). I borrowed my sister-in-law's wedding dress kremlin to puff out the skirt. I added felt decals to a white shirt with felt and found a purple hair hanky to complete the Lisa outfit. 

I think we turned out pretty darn good and we won best couples costume at the party! The effort was all worth it. :)


Star Wars Quiet Book

My latest obsession is quiet books! I'm looking at them thinking how great they are because it will help my son develop motor skills and keep him away from electronics. Electronics aren't currently an issue but I'd like to stay on top of that.

Of course I have to stay true to form and my first book is Star Wars themed! I found a bunch of pages through Pinterest or Etsy that I thought looked great or were a good idea, from there I ran with it and translated it into Star Wars characters. I haven't finished them yet but here is a little sneak peak at some pages that are pretty much done. It took quite a bit of planning and trial/error to figure out the layers of felt and how to piece things together. It was a challenge to take on this project with no prior knowledge or template of quiet books but I'm happy with the results!

Chewbacca taggie

Han Solo zipper vest - complete with chest hair!

Yoda belt tying

Luke Skywalker flight suit buckling

Princess Leia removable hair buns

I have more pages planned out and just need to find the time to work on some more. My goal is to get these ones grommeted so I can put them together for my son to start playing with. He's only one right now but I'm looking forward to creating more if he likes them!

More to come!


Corner Door Shelf

I found this fun corner shelf on Pinterest and had to create one for my house!

Below you'll see all the steps I took in order to create my own.
1. Find a door. I picked mine up an antique store for $40.

2. Sand it. (Caution the surfaces you sand may contain lead. Take precautions if you have small kids or a pregnant person.)

3. Wet wipe it to get rid of all the dust.

4. Cut the door in half. Note: compensate for the thickness of the door if you want it to be even.

5. Use corner brackets to hold your door at a 90 degree angle.

6. Attach the shelving. We picked up these corner shelves from Home Depot I think for about 12 bucks each. In order for us to get our shelves on level we marked out where level was when we had the door in place in our home.

7. Paint and decorate your shelf.

I give credit to my hubby for being a good sport and helping me! (He's the best. Hopefully he doesn't leave me because of too many unfinished Pinterest projects...)

Now run out there and make one for yourself!! If I can do it, you can do it.


Star Wars Nursery

Growing up with divorced parents my brothers and I spend a lot of weekends out in the country at our Dad's. He only had an antenna and 3 channels came in. Of course there was nothing good on over the weekends. We ended up putting in a lot of movies and since he had the 3 original Star Wars movies on VHS we usually watched one of them!
I decided I wanted a Star Wars room way before we ever decided to make a baby. So, I've been stocking up all kinds of fun ideas from Pinterest. Now I've finally put them to use!
Below are some images from "Jedi's" room. (That's what we called our baby while he is in the womb.)

I knew I wanted to put a quote on the wall but I couldn't find one out there that had the Star Wars font. I took matters into my own hands and did it myself. I typed up the quote in word and made the font as large as I wanted. Then, I printed and taped the words to the vinyl and cut out the letters individually. After that, I aligned them on one of those sewing mats and stuck them to the transfer paper. Warning! When you put your quote on the wall make sure you put them up in the right order!!

Here is a close up of our crib cockpit. I didn't finish the coverings on the mobile "arms". We hand painted the cockpit. We tried to do a trace job like we were able to with the Tatooine sunset. I couldn't get it to look right so we (my husband and I) pulled out rulers and did our best.

Here is an image of our Tatooine wanna be mural. I knew we were going to be moving sometime soon after having our baby so I decided I needed to do a mural that I could move with us. All the shading on the hut is my husband's handy-work. Silly us thought we could get this done while watching a football game... add 7 hours and we did get it done! 

Last but not least the R2D2 dresser/changing table - my husband's pride and joy. He said if our son ever decides he doesn't like it we cannot paint over it! He said we'd keep it in our room :) I purchased this dresser from an estate sale a couple years prior because I liked the detail on the bottom of it. We cut a dome and attached it to the back to make it look like Artoo.
Here is Artoo without the changing pad top.

There are quite a few items I've purchased. Most of them came from Some items are half homemade. The mobile characters were from Hallmark. The Death Star honeycomb ball is from Ikea and I added to it.

i hope you enjoyed and get inspired to do it yourself too!


3 Chairs for You!

Here is my card from the May card exchanged.  I took a few different design ideas off of some other pinspiration cards plus used some of my own flair.

I tried to create an interesting background with the embossed polkadot and chevron. I was testing out a few different characters and ended up deciding on the bird. (I almost did a gnome standing on a chair or a cat) I incorporated some ribbon and string to add some dimension.
I think it turned out pretty cute!

Here is the pinspiration I worked from: 


Birthday Cards - Bass

Here is the bass card I created using the same idea as the previous post with the pheasant, moose, and quail stamps. I think it turned out great! I'll be giving these babies out to all those fishermen/women in my life. :-)

Rose Earrings

So I found these beads at Joann Fabrics and loved the color! I thought these would be perfect little post earrings so I sanded both surfaces of the bead and the earring post then I glued them together using E6000 glue. They were super quick to make and I think very fun!