Felt & Yarn Wreaths

Over the first weekend of deer hunting a few of us ladies worked on a little wreath project. I had gathered some inspiration off of my pinterest board for us to use to create these yarn wrapped wreaths with felt embellishments.

The supplies needed for this project include:
Hot glue gun & sticks
12" Green Styrofoam Wreath
1 Skein of Yarn
Assorted Felt Sheets

First, we hot glued the end of the yarn to the wreath and made a nice base layer all the way around. Feel free to secure the yarn as you go but we only did it at the half way point and once we completed the first layer. The second layer we went wild! We just added some bulk to it by wrapping the yarn thicker all the way around and glued it once we reached the beginning.

Once the wreaths were wrapped we made our embellishments. Some of them we filled with old buttons my aunt had laying around the house.

Tack your embellishments on with some more hot glue and you end up some new decor!

Below are the ones we made:
Aunt Julie's 

Cousin-in-law Tracy's

and mine!

This was an easy project for us to work on in-between the hustle and bustle of deer camp. These babies ended up costing us about $10 each! I think they all turned out super cute and we had a great time putting our heads together to come up with different styles of "flowers". 
Thanks for doin' it with me!

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