Corner Door Shelf

I found this fun corner shelf on Pinterest and had to create one for my house!

Below you'll see all the steps I took in order to create my own.
1. Find a door. I picked mine up an antique store for $40.

2. Sand it. (Caution the surfaces you sand may contain lead. Take precautions if you have small kids or a pregnant person.)

3. Wet wipe it to get rid of all the dust.

4. Cut the door in half. Note: compensate for the thickness of the door if you want it to be even.

5. Use corner brackets to hold your door at a 90 degree angle.

6. Attach the shelving. We picked up these corner shelves from Home Depot I think for about 12 bucks each. In order for us to get our shelves on level we marked out where level was when we had the door in place in our home.

7. Paint and decorate your shelf.

I give credit to my hubby for being a good sport and helping me! (He's the best. Hopefully he doesn't leave me because of too many unfinished Pinterest projects...)

Now run out there and make one for yourself!! If I can do it, you can do it.

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