David of the Gnomes Halloween

I love dressing up for Halloween and my husband always grew a beard for deer hunting, until we struck a compromise. Now, every other year I have the challenge of coming up with costumes that work with a beard. I started searching online and Pinterest for bearded characters and stumbled upon David the Gnome!

I loved this show when I was in kindergarten :) I set to work planning out the important elements/how I was going to make them for the costumes and searching for the perfect shade of blues for each part.

I created the hats out of tag board and added a stretchy chin strap. I used a circle punch on a stickie note and used make up to create little cheek spots. I made the belt pouch out of felt. I made a simple beard out of chunky yarn. Otherwise, David's outfit was a purchased sweater and khaki pants. I picked up a skirt pattern for JoAnn's and I sewed the skirt (first time ever sewing with a pattern and it didn't turn out perfect but it worked). I borrowed my sister-in-law's wedding dress kremlin to puff out the skirt. I added felt decals to a white shirt with felt and found a purple hair hanky to complete the Lisa outfit. 

I think we turned out pretty darn good and we won best couples costume at the party! The effort was all worth it. :)

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