Star Wars Nursery

Growing up with divorced parents my brothers and I spend a lot of weekends out in the country at our Dad's. He only had an antenna and 3 channels came in. Of course there was nothing good on over the weekends. We ended up putting in a lot of movies and since he had the 3 original Star Wars movies on VHS we usually watched one of them!
I decided I wanted a Star Wars room way before we ever decided to make a baby. So, I've been stocking up all kinds of fun ideas from Pinterest. Now I've finally put them to use!
Below are some images from "Jedi's" room. (That's what we called our baby while he is in the womb.)

I knew I wanted to put a quote on the wall but I couldn't find one out there that had the Star Wars font. I took matters into my own hands and did it myself. I typed up the quote in word and made the font as large as I wanted. Then, I printed and taped the words to the vinyl and cut out the letters individually. After that, I aligned them on one of those sewing mats and stuck them to the transfer paper. Warning! When you put your quote on the wall make sure you put them up in the right order!!

Here is a close up of our crib cockpit. I didn't finish the coverings on the mobile "arms". We hand painted the cockpit. We tried to do a trace job like we were able to with the Tatooine sunset. I couldn't get it to look right so we (my husband and I) pulled out rulers and did our best.

Here is an image of our Tatooine wanna be mural. I knew we were going to be moving sometime soon after having our baby so I decided I needed to do a mural that I could move with us. All the shading on the hut is my husband's handy-work. Silly us thought we could get this done while watching a football game... add 7 hours and we did get it done! 

Last but not least the R2D2 dresser/changing table - my husband's pride and joy. He said if our son ever decides he doesn't like it we cannot paint over it! He said we'd keep it in our room :) I purchased this dresser from an estate sale a couple years prior because I liked the detail on the bottom of it. We cut a dome and attached it to the back to make it look like Artoo.
Here is Artoo without the changing pad top.

There are quite a few items I've purchased. Most of them came from Thinkgeek.com. Some items are half homemade. The mobile characters were from Hallmark. The Death Star honeycomb ball is from Ikea and I added to it.

I hope you enjoyed and get inspired to do it yourself too!

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