Birthday Cards - Pheasant, Quail, and Moose

I'm apart of a card exchange and I received this cute, simple card that I thought was very striking. I decided to try making my own with stamps I have and I think it turned out just as nice as the original.
Here's the original made by Christie Ruda:

I have the Stampin Up! Walk in the Wild set  and tested this style out on all of the animals.
The moose ended up being my husband's favorite.

To achieve the circle affect I cut a hole with my Big Shot in a stickie note. Then i used a sponge, loaded it with ink and starting in the center, I swirled it around to the edges. I think the circles turned out best when it fades lighter towards the edge. The stickie note is great because the paper stay in place and you only need one finger to hold down the bottom.

I have a bass stamp that I want to try this on too. I'll have to post that one up here too when I get it done!

I hope you try doin' it yourself with any animal stamps you have. 
Thanks for doin' it with me!

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